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Meet Kritsotopoula, a Symbolic Woman!

Meet Kritsotopoula, a Symbolic Woman!

Kritsotopoula is a legendary figure associated with the picturesque village of Kritsa, nestled within the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos.

This area is steeped in the lore of a remarkable woman named Rodanthi, affectionately known as Kritsotopoula.

Her original residence, now converted into the Kritsotopoula Folklore Museum, stands at the centre of the village.

Legend has it that the Turkish commander, Hursit Aga fell in love with the only daughter of Kritsa's priest, Rodanthi. Tragically, he murdered her mother, abducted Rodanthi, and coerced her into converting to Islam before marrying her. However, on their wedding night, the courageous Rodanthi bravely put an end to her tormentor's life. Disguised as a man, she became known as ‘Spanomanolis’ and valiantly fought against the Turkish forces, ultimately meeting her heroic end in battle in 1823.

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