Crete, with its abundant cultural heritage, breath-taking natural beauty, and the warm hospitality of its people, stands as a distinctive travel and holiday destination. It's no wonder that it ranks among the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Discover Crete: 8+1 Compelling Reasons to Become a Member


Strategic Promotion:

Discover Crete is one of the most comprehensive platforms for promoting the tourism industry in Crete. By advertising your property on this platform, you'll have the opportunity to reach millions of travellers interested in Crete. This will raise awareness of your business, attract more customers, and boost your revenue.


Online Presence:

Discover Crete employs social networks and digital platforms to promote Crete as a tourist destination. By being featured on DC, you'll have the chance to leverage our online presence, offering you the opportunity to showcase your business to a broad audience. Enhancing your online presence will drive up your website traffic and draw in more followers and fans to your social networks.


Focus on Traveller Experience:

Discover Crete places significant emphasis on crafting distinctive and memorable experiences for travellers. Through Discover Crete, you can craft and promote programmes and activities that will leave a lasting impression on your customers, offering them unique experiences such as tours of archaeological sites, culinary explorations, and thrilling adventures in nature, among others.


Promotion of Culture and History:

Crete is renowned for its abundant cultural and historical treasures, and Discover Crete is dedicated to showcasing the island's cultural heritage to travellers. You can establish your presence in this cultural context and provide experiences related to Crete's history and culture, such as visits to archaeological sites, museums, and traditional villages, among other options.


Promotion of Local Commerce:

Discover Crete actively contributes to the local economy and supports local commerce. Our mission is to bolster local producers and businesses by showcasing their products and services to visitors on the island.


Customised Audience:

Discover Crete is the platform that precisely aligns with your property's objectives - reaching travellers interested in Crete. This ensures that your advertisements will reach a targeted audience actively searching for such information, thus significantly increasing the likelihood of successful promotion and conversion of platform users into customers.


Strengthening Trust:

Collaborating with Discover Crete enhances credibility and professionalism for your business. Travellers rely on Discover Crete as a trusted source for information and recommendations. Advertising on the platform demonstrates your commitment to quality, building customer trust and elevating your reputation in the tourism sector.


Cooperation with Industry Professionals:

Discover Crete collaborates with a diverse array of professionals in the Cretan tourism industry. This partnership provides you with the opportunity to broaden your network, share ideas and experiences with fellow professionals, and establish collaborative relationships that can open doors to new opportunities and recognition within the industry.


Partner Network:

Discover Crete offers the chance to cultivate cooperation strategies and forge connections with fellow tourism professionals, enabling you to harness shared resources and provide enhanced experiences for your customers.

The aforementioned factors are among the reasons why advertising through Discover Crete can significantly enhance your business.

Seize the opportunity to connect with the right audience, enhance your business's presence and trustworthiness, and attain the growth and recognition you aspire to in Crete.