Crete: Nightlife & Entertainment
Crete: Nightlife & Entertainment
Crete never sleeps – Whether you're seeking a relaxed outing or a lively party, the island won't disappoint.

In Crete, you can explore significant archaeological sites like the Knossos Palace, ancient Phaistos, and ancient Lappa, as well as marvel at natural wonders like the Samaria Gorge and Seitan Port.

Don't forget to savour the renowned traditional cuisine of Crete. Everywhere you go on the island, you'll uncover local recipes that will astound you with their simplicity, fragrance, and flavours. It's no wonder that Cretan cuisine has gained worldwide acclaim. For the most authentic gastronomic experience, visit a traditional taverna and sample the meze. In the major cities, you'll find romantic restaurants and family-friendly eateries where you can relish local dishes as well as international cuisines.


Holidays without entertainment are no holidays at all! The vibrant nightlife of Crete will leave you impressed. In the cities, you'll have the chance to sample exotic cocktails, dance until the wee hours in clubs, and partake in special festivals. Malia, Hersonissos, Chania, and Elounda are renowned party destinations, boasting lively nightlife scenes with a wide range of bars and clubs. In the island's villages, you can experience authentic Cretan traditions and culture.

Cretan feasts, beach parties, and cultural evenings will create unforgettable memories during your holidays. Cretans are renowned for their hospitality and warmth. Locals will greet you with a glass of raki, and all you need to do is savour the Cretan music and festivities.

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