E4 Trail

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The E4 European Long Distance Path, commencing from the Pyrenees, extends all the way to Greece, culminating at the outpost of Niki in Florina. Afterward, it traverses the Peloponnese region and concludes in Gythio before continuing towards Crete.

The optimal time for traversing the E4 trail is from 15th May to early October. The path leading to the Peloponnese and Crete is considerably more manageable than the northern segment of E4 and can be hiked throughout the year due to its milder climate.

Hiking is categorised into two types: easy and mountain. Easy hiking typically involves covering a minimum distance of 5 kilometres and takes place on gently sloping terrain, requiring only light equipment. Mountain hiking, on the other hand, entails distances of up to 20 kilometres and necessitates specialised gear, particularly during the winter season.

Mountaineering is the most challenging type of hiking, often lasting up to 10 hours. Climbing, on the other hand, involves ascending steep mountain slopes and requires special techniques and auxiliary equipment.

Hence, special attention and preparation are recommended for climbers planning to ascend a peak, particularly during the winter season.