National Holidays & Public Holidays
National Holidays & Public Holidays

Learn about national and public holidays in Greece.

Learn about national and public holidays in Greece.

In Greece, public holidays are categorised into official and obligatory holidays, as well as customary holidays.

On mandatory holidays in Greece, there is a general prohibition on employing workers, but certain exceptions may apply.

Public holidays are typically not considered exempt holidays, unless specified by law, special decree, collective agreement, etc. As a result, the operation of businesses and the employment of employees are generally not restricted.

Some of the holidays mentioned above are categorised as optional holidays. These are exceptional cases, defined by law, where the decision on whether a business will operate on such holidays depends on the discretion of the employer.

The mandatory holidays are the following:

  • New Year's Day, 1st January
  • Epiphany, 6th January
  • 25th of March, National Holiday
  • Labour Day, 1st May
  • Easter Monday, movable feast
  • Assumption, 15th August
  • ‘NO’ anniversary, 28th October
  • Christmas, 25th & 26th December

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