Exploring Every Corner of Crete in a Motorhome Adventure
Exploring Every Corner of Crete in a Motorhome Adventure

Embark on the ultimate journey of freedom, traversing the island, discovering it inch by inch, and witnessing the sunset from a new vantage point each night!

What You Need to Know!

Dreamt of a trip to Crete but envisioned something beyond luxurious hotels and poolside breakfasts?

If freedom of movement is your mantra and exploring Crete from north to south and east to west is your goal, then look no further.

Certainly, such an exploration requires days, weeks, or even months. Yet, with the right amount of time and an appetite for adventure, a motorhome offers the perfect solution to satisfy your wanderlust.

Ideal for families or groups of four or more, a motorhome rental requires nothing more than a valid driver's licence. Some rental companies may stipulate a minimum period since the licence was issued, so it's wise to clarify this in advance.

Ensure adequate water supply, and remember that chemical toilet disposal should only occur at designated areas, never in nature!

Beyond traditional motorhome rentals, you can also explore caravan options through short-term rental platforms.

Regulations and Restrictions

It's crucial to understand that in Crete, as in the rest of Greece, free camping is generally prohibited, including for motorhomes.

Regarding caravans, free camping entails setting up tables, chairs, and awnings. This implies that parking is permissible anywhere, always in adherence to the Road Traffic Code, unless there are signs or markings indicating otherwise.

Under no circumstances are motorhomes, tents, tow-behind caravans and semi-towable camper trailers allowed to be set up in archaeological sites, coastal areas, beaches, peripheries of public forests, and, in general, public spaces like parks and squares.

It's important to note that the prohibition pertains to the installation of motorhomes, not merely parking them.