Hetero Wines: Wine tasting in the city.

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Winemaking is an ancient art dating back thousands of years and remains significant in many cultures worldwide. Good wine is the product of a combination of scientific knowledge, experience, and artistry.

Hetero Wines brings a unique approach to the world of wine. Founded by oenologists-winemakers who not only craft their own wines but also offer winemaking consultancy, the name "Hetero" derives from the Greek word for "diverse" and reflects their multifaceted approach to winemaking.

The company adopts an innovative approach by not owning its vineyards. Instead, it selects regions with distinctive characteristics and collaborates with experienced vine growers. Through this partnership and their guidance, the company's wines are created.

Hetero Wines oversees all stages of winemaking at partner wineries: from selecting vine growers to creating labels, choosing bottles, establishing production protocols, selecting corks, and developing the brand. This comprehensive approach ensures the high quality and consistency of their products, establishing a unique winemaking identity.

Each region produces a distinct series of wines with a unique character. 

Specifically, the Monarch series is produced in Amyntaio, the Anarch series in Domokos, and the iSEXY series in Crete. Each series reflects the local terroir and the uniqueness of its production area, all under the hallmark of Hetero Wines' winemakers.

In 2023, Hetero Wines opened its physical store in the heart of Heraklion with two main goals. First, to offer its products for retail sale, and second, to host tastings that give visitors the chance to discover the company's distinct wine selections, guided by experts.

While traditional wine tourism involves visiting wineries in rural areas, Hetero Wines brings the tasting experience to the city, offering a tour of not only local wines but Greek wines overall. The tasting includes sampling five labels paired with dishes created by a chef to enhance their aromas. Guests can enjoy this experience in a modern, cozy space with unique decor and antique furniture that creates a mystical atmosphere.

Additionally, the store offers curated deli products and wine baskets, perfect for a unique gift.