Cave of Psychro (Dikteon Andron)

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Situated approximately 30 minutes south of Psychro in Lassithi, at an elevation of 1025 metres, the cave is commonly referred to by the locals as the ‘Cave of Psychro’.

Around the late 19th century, the cave came to be known as Dikteon Andron, which translates to ‘Cave of Zeus’. This name was linked to the mythological belief that Zeus, who was said to be born in Crete, was born within this cave. About halfway towards the cave, there is a tourist kiosk, and it is possible to reach the entrance of the cave by car. Upon entering the cave, visitors will encounter a vestibule on their right and a spacious hall ahead of them.

Inside the cave, visitors can witness a remarkable sight known as the ‘Mantle of Zeus’. This awe-inspiring feature is a magnificent folded stalactite of significant size. Unfortunately, over time, the delicate formation has suffered damage caused by uninformed visitors.

More information Ministry of Culture

Photo 1: Fransson,T. / Natural History Museum of Crete – University of Crete

Photo 2: Trikali,M. / Natural History Museum of Crete – University of Crete

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An exceptional gastronomic experience of exquisite olive oil

An exceptional gastronomic experience of exquisite olive oil

Visit the "Kokolakis Family olive mill" and embrace the tasting glass that will be offered to you. Prepare yourself for a unique gastronomic experience with exceptional olive oil, paired with dishes that perfectly complement the taste profile of each label, exclusively designed by the chef and sommelier of the Kokolakis Family.

The significant importance of the 'green gold' in Cretan cuisine and its numerous health benefits is a trademark of the local culture, which has become internationally renowned in recent years.

The experience includes a Cretan welcome, a visit to the olive mill, a stroll through the olive grove, olive oil tasting, and Cretan traditional treats.

The visit lasts for almost 2 hours and is conducted in Greek, English, and Russian by appointment.

Trapeza Cave, also known as Kronio: Unveil Its Rich History!

Trapeza Cave, also known as Kronio: Unveil Its Rich History!

Nestled in the charming village of Tzermiado on the Lassithi Plateau, Trapeza Cave, commonly referred to as Kronio, beckons exploration.

According to the Ministry of Culture, this cave is situated at an altitude of 860 metres, approximately 800 metres west of the community of Tzermiado. Comprising two chambers adorned with natural formations, the cave yields a treasure trove of shells and bones. In 1935, Pendlebury conducted systematic excavations, uncovering evidence of its use during the Neolithic, Early Minoan, and Middle Minoan periods.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

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