Chochlakies Gorge

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running shoewaterfirst aid kit

DURATION 1,5 hours

GRADE intermediate


The Chochlakia gorge is a compact and easily accessible gorge that can be explored under any weather conditions and at any time of the year.

To enter the gorge, you pass through the village of Chochlakies and follow a narrow path that eventually leads to a church. There is ample parking space available where you can leave your car or motorbike before embarking on your hiking adventure.

The gorge stretches approximately 3 km in length, and completing the hike typically takes around 1.5 hours. It poses a considerable challenge mainly due to the presence of large stones along the path. Inside the gorge, there is a stream that runs parallel to the trail, which is usually filled with water for most of the year.

At the conclusion of the trail awaits the pristine and azure beach of Karumes, untouched by human intervention.  Additionally, there are freshwater springs available. Before embarking on the gorge crossing, it is advisable to ensure you have an ample supply of water and snacks. Make sure you bring along only essential items to avoid carrying excessive weight along the way. 

Information Municipality of Sitia

Photo 1: Stathi,I. / Natural History Museum of Crete – University of Crete

Photos 2 - 3: Baxevani,P. / Natural History Museum of Crete – University of Crete



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